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  • Sami
    SamiJust Another Geek Girl ★Regular Boarder • lv13
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    Il y a 9 ans
    I wish i could play every single game of this series... So i can see in action every type of saber. Sadly here in Portugal we can only have Fate Unlimited Codes x.x

    Which games do you prefer, and where did you find the games to buy? I'm trying to find them but no sucess x.x
  • Strife212
    Strife212Original BluePuella Magi • lv23
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    Il y a 9 ans
    Fate/Stay Night is obviously the main and best one :D
  • zinv295
    zinv295Regular Boarder • lv13
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    Il y a 9 ans
    Fate/Unlimited Codes is the only game I've encountered for this series. Another one from TypeMoon is Melty Blood. But thats just me though, as I don't consider most VN's/eroge in the "games" category unless they have gameplay elements besides just being allowed multiple choices (i.e. Tears to Tiara, Utawarerumono, Sengoku Rance).

    As for buying the VN's, you can most likely import them from japanese sites like cdjapan or just ebay em. Mirrormoon has an english patch for the original game and the same patch can also use the Realta Nua dvd to add in-game voice.

    Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerIf you look around, you can also find a cracked version with the Realta Nua special ending and the Nine-Lives Bullet Revolver sequence also patched.
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  • Sami
    SamiJust Another Geek Girl ★Regular Boarder • lv13
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    Il y a 9 ans
    Strife212Fate/Stay Night is obviously the main and best one :D

    I can't find ir to play it x.x
  • czcisco
    czciscoRegular Boarder • lv8
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    Il y a 9 ans • MàJ Il y a 9 ans
    I've played every single game I've seen.
    The best is still Fate/Stay Night!
    Even the fan made games, among which, Battle Moon Wars was good.
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