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    Favorite Pairing?

    6%Alvin x Elize
    8%Lloyd x Colette
    0%Cress x Mint
    0%Gaius x Muzèt
    6%Asbel x Cheria
    4%Luke x Tear
    2%Alvin x Guy
    8%Jude x Milla
    2%Hubert x Pascal
    10%Yuri x Flynn
    6%Zelos x Sheena
    6%Jade x Himself
    15%Sorey x Mikleo
    2%Asch x Natalia
    2%Ludger x Luke
    4%Guy x Luke
    2%Keele x Meredy
    4%Shing x Kohaku
    2%Yuan x Martel
    2%Zaveid x Mikleo
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    Il y a 10 ans
    Natalia (ToA), Raine (ToS), and Shirley (ToL) ~<3

    I love women most people don't care for. xD

    I so wish they had a figurine for Raine. I know why they couldn't, but I still wished they had picked her. Raine~ Oh how I long for a Raine figurine~ D,:
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