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    Starting this thread for comparison between stores, please feel free to share your experiences here. Mine so far:

    HLJ - Minimalistic packing, might be worth getting back to them and let them know it does not always work. The packing is basically a "blister" pack, a piece of cardboard with plastic heatshrunk oveer it, in order to keep the box in place. Unfortunately this it quite flimsy, which can result in coming lose and letting the box with the figure rattle loose inside the carton.
    AmiAmi - Scrunched paper, all the way around the box. Carton was always adequate for the box with figure.
    Mandarake - Box with figure individually wrapped in bubble wrap, no matter which store. The last few boxes had also a strip of plastic around it, which is new to me. The carton is then filled with scrunched newspaper and/or bubblewrap.
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    I've had limited experience with stores other than AmiAmi and Mandarake. Hobby Search I FedEx.

    HLJ - Same issue piece of cardboard + shrink wrap and placed in box large enough to rattle around in, potential damaging contents.
    Mandarake - They have their own set of box sizes choosing an adequate one, usually individually wrapped in single layer bubble wrap. Minimally packed with either newspaper, scrunched paper similar to AmiAmi, bubble wrap, plastic wrap or packing peanuts. Figure boxes often now have a strip or two of plastic around them sometimes with a white sticker that's either for security or stock control?
    J-list - Re-used? cardboard cut to size so everything is crammed in handmade boxes. Even using ceral box thick cardboard for small items and corrugated on larger.
    AmiAmi - Over sized boxes filled with plenty of scrunched paper all around and a little thank you note! I spend 15 minutes straightening out and neatly folding all the paper so it'll fit in the box that goes inside the recycling bin.
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