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    I placed an order with them in December last year when you linked that 'spend $100 get free shipping' promotion in the Australian GO club. I ordered 7th Dragon 2020 Miku which was a pretty good deal considering she'd probably cost more at other places like Amiami once you factor in the shipping.

    I also threw in 3 doujin books into my order. Those have been shipped already and I gotta say I'm really impressed with the packaging! It came in this really nice sturdy box and all the books were individually wrapped in plastic and they also bundled in a free clear file and badge. All the contents were then wrapped in a larger piece of clear cellophane which was taped to the bottom of the box. Very secure.

    When you sign up with TOM for the first time you get a free $5 voucher via email so I also used that in this order. I'm pretty satisfied but I'd probably use them again if I can spend enough (normally $200) to qualify for free shipping. I think they use only EMS since the package arrived in roughly 4 days and as you can see the box that they used for the doujin while nice is actually really big compared to what's inside which may bump up the price. I'd put lack of cheaper shipping options as a con too. I'm currently using the box to store some of my doujin collection, it's exactly two B5 doujinshi wide which is great! XD

    They've got a really nice selection even though it's smaller than other shops. Figures, retail artbooks and doujin my favourite things + random stuff like plushies. I also must give special mention to the very enticing product photos for doujin and art books. I really like how they're photos of the actual product rather than stock images. Makes resistance even harder! :P

    Pictures of the boxxhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/Conae1390725637.jpeg

    Pictures of the free goodsxI think the art is by John Hathway?

    The other side of the clearfile.

    If there are any Aussies that are planning to order from TOM but can't reach the free shipping threshold I'd love to join in a group order. There are some doujin that I really want from there haha. I can also participate in that $10 voucher thing too, here's my referral link *link removed* (mod edit, not allowed). :)
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