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    aeonblue (Il y a 5 ans) #1953973I'm happy since I thought no one cared about that haha ;_; I would've ordered too if you didn't have to pay upfront. Thanks for the pictures, I like the boxes they use and I heard from another user that they may include freebies too but wow, didn't think it'd be as good as a JH clear file.

    Their default shipping method is EMS but they can use other methods if you ask them to. I might as well paste the email I mentioned in my first post here since it includes how to request for alternative shipping: Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerHello aeonblue!

    I'm Adriana from Tokyo Otaku Mode.

    Please accept my sincere apology for the delay of this email. Thank you very much for your interest in purchasing from the TOM Premium Shop.

    The only Alpacasso Plushies - Prince that are still in stock are the White Princes. I greatly, greatly apologize if you were hoping to purchase a different Prince. If that is the case, I can ask for you when they will be restocked.

    For future reference, to purchase a product and have it shipped via SAL Small Packet Registered please right "Ship Via SAL Small Packet Registered" in the Note section of the cart page before you checkout. We will read this note and ship your package accordingly. If you would like to purchase the White Prince, please place your order and include the note. If you would like to purchase a different Prince, please let me know!

    Also, would you like me to keep you updated on all our Alpacasso Plushie news? I'd be happy to send you an email whenever we have just begun offering a new series because they sell out fast! In fact, we will soon be offering the Heartful series and Alpacasso Plushie smartphone stands. They are so adorable! I can't wait to order one (or more)! I am an Alpacasso fan also. Would you like me to keep you updated?

    I will be awaiting to hear back from you!

    - Adriana and the TOM Team
    Let's Enjoy Otaku Life!
    Nicest CS email ever *v*

    The $5 sign up coupon is a plus I forgot about.

    I was close to not ordering too but that free shipping and those product photos haha. I was preparing for our family's christmas party when you posted the promo I think. XD; I'm contemplating ordering some more doujin + possibly the Shinobu re-release figure. Those flat shipping boxes are really nice, they're perfect for storing doujinshi. I wonder what Miku's box will be like.

    They can ship registered SAL? Yasssss! I'm so happy! \o/ That's such a nice email.

    I really want a restock of otakumode.com/s... and otakumode.com/s.... /spams resale button
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