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Kuroyuhime Fan ClubKuroyukihime Figure, Max Factory or GSC's?

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  • ChristownRegular Boarder
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    • Il y a 4 ans
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    • Melbourne, Australia
    Il y a 3 ans
    Hey fellow fans of the ever so stunning Kuroyukihime,

    I can't decide which figure of her to get, between:

    So I thought I'd make a thread and ask what your opinions and preferences are between these two figures. I'll probably end up getting both but at the moment I can only get one.

  • -OJ-Regular Boarder
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    • Il y a 9 ans
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    Il y a 3 ans
    In terms of quality they are about the same but I decided to get the GSC version

    because when you could only afford one, that Kuroyukihime has to be in her butterfly dress.

    The MF version is also great, a lot more artistic but also more perverted :D
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