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Kill la Kill Fan ClubPotential figure trade anyone?.....

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    Hey all, I recently ordered a pre-owned figure from Solaris ( first time using that company and sorely disappointed ) of the Phat Company's version of Matoi Ryuko to pair up with their version of Satsuki Kiryuin. I've got a specific place in my home to display both in a "face off" pose and was excited to find the Matoi figure on the Solaris site.

    It arrived yesterday, or so I thought. I knew I had an issue when I oped the package and the box was a little under half the size of the Phat Company Satsuki Kiryuin box. I opened it to find the Max Factory figma version of Matoi. It's a nice little figure but I don't collect figmas and it totally doesn't fit the purpose I have in mind.

    Currently, I'm waiting for a response from Solaris to see if they will take care of the situation the "correct" way as old school retail would do back when I started working in the 80's and when I started as a young kid in my first job in a hobby store. We'll see. If they don't and I end up stuck with this figure OR they do and and I end up with both versions I'm going to want to get rid of this figure.

    Would anyone be interested in a figure trade of some sort? What I'm looking for ( besides the correct Matoi figure ) are several of the Excellent Core Queen's Blade figures to help round out my collection. I'm getting close on this goal. Specifically the following would help;

    Excellent Model Core - Queen's Blade Rebellion - P-7 Pirate Captain "Liliana" 1/8 ( regular edition )

    Excellent Model Core - Queen's Blade Rebellion - P-1 Rebellious Princess Knight "Annelotte" - Regular edition

    Excellent Model Core - Queen's Blade - P-7 Angel of Light "Nanael"

    Excellent Model Core - Queen's Blade - P-4 Master of Flame "Nyx"

    Excellent Model Core - Queen's Blade - P-3 Royal Guard Leader "Elina"

    Obviously, I'm not looking to trade the Matoi figma for all of these but simply anyone single figure if somebody feels they don't need one of these in their collection anymore. I'll also toss in a 1/6 scale ToHeart2 of Sasura Kusugawa sculpted by Onsen Tengoku in a gothic Lolita costume. It appears to be a 2004 Aquaplus company figure but also has other associated companies listed on the back of the box. I will be honest though, it came as part of a package deal from my early foray into this hobby from a purchase off E-bay so I don't know if it is Bootleg or not. It's good looking figure, I just don't care for the Lolita look.

    I'd like to give Solaris at least a week to replay but in the meantime, if anyone is interrested, please give me a "holler" at HAT1701D@aol.com with the subject in the title and I will take some pics of both figures for you in their boxes from several angles. I'd post them here but since coming into this particular site I've had several issues trying to figure out the posting procedures. I should also mention to keep this simple, I need to make this U.S. only.

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