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Wonderful WonFesSummer Wonfes 2016 Kit Teaser

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    Soo, i'm trying once again to have a spot to compile teaser and application tweets, posts etc for the upcoming Summer Wonfes.

    Summer Wonder Festival 2016 is held on the 24th July 2016, in Makuhari Messe Tokyo.

    Applications closed on the 9th May 2016.
    Franchises covered by Nitroplus' Amateur License www.nitroplus.c... can be granted regardless of wonfes applications, so circles don't have to wait for the event to grant these.

    How to search?

    Via twitter using the hashtag #wf2016s, as mentioned, since the application end a lot tweeted their applicated kits for wonfes, but non of these are confirmed at the moment.
    Later on check also on fixia.jp or the Wonfes map wfmap.jp/ which works with kits posted at Tinami and which are tagged with wf2016s.

    How to check mfc?

    With the wf2016s tag tag/117458 or if it was forgotten check by the date 24/07/2016 via the search.
    There might be cases where the exact date was forgotten too, so it's always good to check for kits more general with only month and year.

    How to use the list

    Linked kit from the db are applicated for resale.
    Kits with wip/prototype pictures and twitter links are new works not approved yet and therefore not in the db.

    Circle list in alphabetical order(table numbers might be added when annonced)

    Gekokujyou ENCYCLOPEDIA #24325
    ITEM #167678 twitter.com/Uch...

    Okirakudou ENCYCLOPEDIA #68941
    http://img-cdn.jg.jugem.jp/57c/1197212/20160510_853298_t.jpgMarco(Shaman King)happylife-di.ju...

    Seen more? please comment and i'll update the entry post.
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