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    About the Feedback Club
    This club contains the combined feedback system for the Group Orders! Club (GO) and Let's Split Nendoroids! Club (LSN).

    • Each member's feedback thread should be a guide to the usual behavior of hosts and participants in the GO/LSN clubs. It is not a guarantee of behavior but should be seen as an indicator.
    • Some members have personal or offsite feedback lists they ask their participants/hosts to leave feedback in. These lists can be linked in a member's feedback thread if provided. Please leave a request in this thread if you would like your list added to your feedback thread.
    • Leaving feedback is not necessary, but it is a kind gesture! Hosts, feel free to direct participants to your thread or your personal list. Participants, feel free to ask hosts if they have a list or locate their thread to leave feedback.
    • Feedback impacts how many threads you can open at one time. If you have hosted several successful splits already but do not have any feedback, feel free to point this out to a club admin if there are any questions brought up. In the future, please be sure to request your fellow club members for feedback.
    • Feel free to use your feedback thread in the club as reference for offsite selling/splitting/group order purposes.

    GO and LSN Club Admins:

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    Please adhere to the following when leaving feedback:

    • Leave feedback for any club member whose group orders/splits you participated in.
    • Leave feedback for any club member who participated in a group order/split you hosted.
    • Leave feedback for any sales made through the GO! or LSN! Clubs.
    • Provide specific examples of actions/behaviors related to the group order/split you're leaving feedback for.
    • Be courteous and respectful when posting in the club.

    DO NOT:
    • Leave feedback for sales/splits/group orders unrelated to the GO! and LSN! Clubs.
    • Leave feedback for order/splits you were not personally involved in (as host or participant).
    • Leave feedback for yourself.
    • Post personal attacks on club members.

    Do NOT create new threads in the Feedback Club forum.
    They will be deleted without warning. If someone does not have a thread to leave feedback in, or you would like one created for yourself, please leave a request here.
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    1. Leave feedback after you or your participants have received the items, or when you deem it reasonable if there is no response from the other party.

    2. If there is feedback you would like to discuss before posting, feel free to contact club admin SHAERILETH (GO/LSN) or ALUMINA (LSN).

    3. Negative feedback is NOT required to go through a club admin for verification. This does not mean you have free reign to unjustly complain or target other club members you dislike.
      3.a In instances where a host fails to send out items after receiving payment, or a participant fails to pay for their confirmed slot(s), please contact a club admin immediately so the issue may be resolved and brought to attention ASAP. Feel free to leave negative feedback after the issue has been settled.

    4. If you would like to dispute any feedback you've received, do not confront the member who wrote it. Contact club admin SHAERILETH (GO/LSN) or ALUMINA (LSN) to discuss the situation.

    5. Three (3) verified negative feedback, in some cases even less depending on the severity of the feedback, can result in consequences such as a temporary, or in extreme cases, permanent ban. If you are banned from one club, you will be banned from the other as well and be unable to rejoin. This affects any additional/future accounts you may create.

    Note: Don't forget to subscribe to your own feedback thread so you can get updates when someone leaves you a feedback!
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    How to Leave Feedback
    1. Locate the host/participant's feedback thread by searching for their username in the club's forum. If they do not have a thread, leave a request for a thread to be made here.

    2. Before making a post, consider:
    • Are you leaving feedback for multiple group orders/splits for the same club member at one time? Include all the threads in one post!
    • Are you leaving new feedback for a club member you already left feedback for weeks/months/years ago? Make a new post!

      Do NOT edit your old feedbacks!

    3. Create a NEW post in the thread with the following information:
    • A link to the relevant box split/group order thread(s) the feedback relates to
    • Whether you are the host or participant
    • Your experience with the box split/group order (e.g. the member's communication, updates, attitude, packaging, or anything else that affected your experience)

    Feel free to use a version of the old feedback form or make up your own!
    Old FormOld Form[b]From:[/b] Participant OR Host
    [b]Thread:[/b] [url=URL]Thread Title[/url]
    [b]Rating:[/b] [color=green]Positive[/color] OR [color=red]Negative[/color]

    Feedback Examples

    Examples of constructive positive feedback:
    Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerFrom_ParticipantFeedback for: Box split A, Group order B
    Comments: The host updated their threads often about the status of the items being ordered. They were very patient with me despite sending a late payment. Their rules and deadlines were also very clear and easy to understand. I would definitely participate in their splits/GOs again.
    [ ] This clearly indicates which threads the club member is leaving feedback about and how the host runs their group orders/splits.

    From_HostThe participant joined my Nendoroid #000 split. They sent payment very quickly and let me know when their items arrived.[ ] This is very concise and lets others know what to expect from the participant in terms of payment and communication.

    Examples of unhelpful positive feedback:
    Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerFrom_ParticipantThe host was cool! I joined Box Split A.[ ] That's great you like the host, but this does not help others understand how the host runs their threads or let others know about your experience with the split.

    From_HostGood participant.[ ] This is an acceptable start but it's too vague to be very useful. What about the participant made them "good"? It also does not mention which thread(s) you are leaving feedback for.

    Examples of constructive negative feedback:
    Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerFrom_ParticipantI joined Box split A and Group order B. The host did not post any deadlines and failed to communicate any steps of the split process (e.g. when items were ordered, when they shipped out, etc.) so I had to continuously ask for updates myself. My items were safely shipped to me in the end but I would have appreciated more activity from the host.[ ] This clearly communicates how the host handles their splits and what other club members may expect from this host’s future splits.

    From_HostFeedback for: Nendoroid #000 split
    Comments: The participant failed to pay any their invoices before the set deadlines. When they were sent reminders, they were very rude and blamed me for setting unclear deadlines although all the dates/times were posted in the thread and in the PMs.
    [ ] This is informative because it lets other club members know how this participant acts privately one-on-one and that they do not pay close attention to the information presented.

    Examples of unhelpful negative feedback:
    Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerFrom_ParticipantI joined Nendoroid #000 split. The host was a mess and I didn’t like how they organized their thread.[ ] This is not helpful in informing other club members about how the host runs their group order/splits. How was the host “a mess”? What was it about the thread you didn’t like or found detrimental to the group orders/splits? (e.g. Was it poorly organized/confusing/hard to read? etc.)

    From_HostThe participant is an annoying person.[ ] This comes off as a personal attack and does not help other club members understand what behavior bothered you. How was the participant “annoying”? (e.g. Was the participant rude? Did they not pay on time? etc.) Provide specific examples about their behavior in relation to the group orders/splits. It also fails to mention which thread(s) the feedback is about.
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