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Take care of your figures!Replacment Elbow/Wrist Joints for MoMo?

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  • tm2dragonRegular Boarder
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    I own a lovely MoMo (Mobil Movementess) figure from Original Effect, which uses what are basically Revoltech joints. Sadly, her elbow joint snapped in half right down the middle in a way the would be almost impossible to fix. I had tightened the joint pegs earlier and THOUGHT I missed the actual joint part, but I guess some Floor Polish got into the joint and weakened the plastic. I ordered a $10 set of assorted joints, which came with a single joint that fit, and used it as a replacement. 10 minutes later, the other elbow joint snaps in half in EXACTLY the same way! Rather than buy another assortment of joints where only one works as a halfway decent replacement and the rest are useless, I think I'd be better off getting myself a sprew of joints so I have backups for when this inevitably happens again (I don't trust the wrists enough to believe they won't follow the elbows' example). Unless there is a way to custom order certain sized/colored Revoltech joints (which if there is, please let me know, cause that would be awesome and I'd happily do that instead!), I'm guessing the sprew is my best option. AmiAmi has a good selection of joint sprews, but I sadly don't know enough about joint types and sizes to know which to get. I was hoping if I posted up a few pictures (of if anyone owns a Momo to use as an example), someone could take a guess at what I need and help me find the right joint set? I'd even take an educated guess so as to attempt avoiding a useless purchase, so I won't hold it against anyone if you guess wrong. So, any thoughts? Here are some pictures I took with my phone!

    Please let me know if you need more pictures, and how you would like them taken.
  • kyoshinheiRegular Boarder
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    I don't know about dimensions for a replacement but if I were in your shoes, I would probably try to repair the existing joint by crafting a new axle. I would drill a hole through both halves along the axle, find or sculpt a PVC stick with the right diameter and rivet it in place with heat (with an iron for example). That or use a tiny screw + bolt.
  • ottomanRegular Boarder
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    I am not sure which size fits your figure, but I am sure you can find those Revoltech joints parts available here.
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