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Nendo LoversPlease check out my e-store, chibichopshop.com

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    Hi, I wanted to invite all of you to check out my nendoroid split parts store, chibichopshop.com. I'm not super active on myfigurecollection.net but I'm really active on the nendoroid facebook groups and helped found the Nendoroid Customization and Mods FB GRoup.
    The more I spoke to other nendoroid collectors, I found that one thing was universally frustrating to nendoroid photographers and customizers which was the time, effort, and expense of tracking down the pieces needed for customs.

    Because of my love (err obsession lol) with this hobby, I decided to take the leap and create North America's Only Nendoroid Splitting Shop, chibichopshop.com. We carry both old and newer nendoroids. Next week we will be posting splits of Mink, Kaoru Hakaze, Tinkerbell, Rapunzel, Lotte Jannson, and more. We keep things simple by posting the parts on our website and they are sold first-come first-serve unless we've made other arrangements ahead of time. We have parts from over 100 different nendoroids and the pieces vary in condition from perfect for painting and modified poor-fair condition to pristine pieces just removed from the box, but they are all 100% authentic nendoroid pieces. We are based in Portland, OR, USA and ship both domestically and internationally. Tomorrow marks our one month anniversary and I'd love for you to check us out. If you have questions you can message me here or through the website. You can also sign up for our email alerts so that we'll message you when we get a big inventory boost. Usually we post new items a few times a week, but sometimes we get a big influx all at once and want to give everyone a heads up to check it out.
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    I just want to mention to any mfc users here, that I've bought items from chibi chop shop several times now, and can say they are really great!

    The parts are legit and they properly send them bubble-wrapped so that you don't get paint transfers during shipping.
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