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    Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
    Hey, how's going -kizo? ^^ Im sending you a friend request ^^-kizoSinger_YunaWoa woa wooaaaa how many doubles!!!!
    I'd give my kidney for seeing alltogether in photos.(*show show show*)

    Lol, thanks^^ There are still some that aren't double though. D:

    I'm planning to take them all when I have double of everything but that seems pretty impossible. xD;

    && congrats on getting Ryofuko-chan!~
    A belated Thank you for the Ryo-nendo...If Im still hurted for her price...I can't imagine if you want a double ryofuko-chan *.*

    I recommend you to start taking photos to the doubles you already own...there will be time for complete it but as you said...its question of time and pacience (and tons of money). But a photo with all the current doubles you have will be astosinshing, -Kizo ^^

    What do you think about racing miku 2010 nendo? I think that there are so many mikus and I dont want to see each year a new miku for sponsorship...but this orange mechanic is so sweet *.* couldn't resist.

    BTW, how do you manage to get money for almost 150 preorders?
    Il y a 8 ans
    brucelee The legend Wannabe in Training
    -kizoCongrats on getting that Volks Kos-mos! xD

    Is that your most expensive figure?

    thanks! as of now yeah, 2000 is the most I paid for a figure so far, hopefully no more lol

    and that one with giant sword looks so good as well, really want it-_-"
    Il y a 8 ans
    Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
    lol, thanks. Hot avatar & Zetsubo-san is a hot name. :D btw is Izaya stompin' on Shizuo's cig? That little bastard. xDD

    No. He's stomping on a girl's cellphone. XD

    Damn, everytime I visit your page, I try not to look at the Right hand corner because I'd nosebleed excessively. XDDDDD
    Il y a 8 ans
    Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
    Ah, my dear.
    It seems the For Sale Section had caused some qualms as of late.
    However, it won't be gone for good.
    Il y a 8 ans
    Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
    Didn't noticed until you pointed it out. I shall investigate. :3
    Btw, hot avatar. *nosebleed*
    Il y a 8 ans
    Wow where do you get the money for that?

    btw Christmas Island? OMG I what to see your crabs, cute little red crabby crabs....
    Il y a 8 ans
    lol, thanks.^^; I got them when they were bundled up so it was cheaper.There are some that I don't have duplicate of. xD;;

    Oh, nice. Better late than never. xD Yeah, nendoroids are endless. . .
    At least you got some rare nendoroids like Itoshiki & Kaito early, so you don't have to worry about buying it later. lol

    wew. bundled,, o_o
    where did you buy a bundled nendos anyway? :D
    i'm searching for some online store outta there that sell a quite old nendo. can you suggest me one? :D

    Nendoroid is sure an endless pit that put me on fire each time they release super kawai figure.. TT^TT

    Yeah, lucky me got some old nendos with a rather cheap price. but i haven't yet got my kaito. T^T
    It's so hard to find and cost about $80-100, ==", i'd like to buy otome first if i have that much money. :p

    Anyway, i wanna ask, in the database of tsuki-board, there's an barder image. How can i put my photos on there? i just can't do that. :D
    Il y a 8 ans
    impressive collection! 0_0
    6 nendo mikus, 3 RQ mikus and many more . . . .
    m(_ _)m
    Il y a 8 ans
    -kizoGreat nendoroid collection so far.^^ Are you planning to just collect only nendoroids?

    Hi Kizo.. ^^

    My collection of nendoroid is not that great. :p
    Not as great as yours. You have plenty of figure and nendo o_o
    wow. you even have 2 of each of them. lol

    i Just start collecting nendo this Dec anyway. miss so many nendo.. lol

    Indeed, i just want to collect my nendo now. Maybe after i've fullfilled my wishlist i'd collect PVC or SIC or SHF. that's come to my mind first.

    But you know, there'd be no end for nendoroid. lol
    Il y a 8 ans
    yakumo You said Nendo?
    -kizoyakumoYou better could sell some of them to buy a cabinet lol

    I want to start collecting al nendoroid also for a 2nd time
    but then keep them NRFB.

    I thrown allot of boxes away because I don't want them in my living room

    What is your motivation of buying everything double?
    Because you don't have them displayed

    Once I get my own place, I will look for a cabinet. xD Don't want to waste my money on a Detolf when I can get a custom one.

    Just like you, I want one to be display & one NRFB.^^ But it's harder now to find older mint nendoroids. Are you gonna do the same for your figmas?

    My Nendoroid come first
    maybe Figma also but im not sure

    and you?
    do you want to collect all Figma?
    Il y a 8 ans
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