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    Eccmy (Il y a 1 an) #11974988Hi charlottem3! I'm doing rather fine very recently, health is now pretty much recovered, I finally got back a new computer, and good real life events are currently occuring (although they will keep me very busy and will dampen my ability to come often at MFC, especially starting from mid-July. I consider recruiting new Club Admins and Mods for some of my MFC clubs). And you, how are you doing?
    Good job on getting all those TM2 telephone card pictures! I would indeed be interested in adding them to the database, but as I'm busy, I'll do it a "slow but steady" way. But rather than by e-mail, if you don't mind I'd prefer you to add them in your MFC image gallery if those pictures were taken by you (especially the barcodes, they will be used as proof of item data), or put them on a image hosting site like Imgur if those come from auction sites or other external sources (because of the "no Chan images on an item in your MFC gallery if that item already isn't in the database" rule), so I can retreive them (and you can erase them from there when I'll be done getting them if you want). Thank you a ton for your contribution! ^_^

    Hi Eccmy! Sorry for the late reply. I've been really bust the past month. I'm glad that you are feeling better.

    So, I decided to put all those cards on photobucket.
    That's the link. Let me know if that works for you and you can see them all good and stuff. I've never used photobucket for anything so hopefully I uploaded them all the right way. I recommend that you organize them by File Name. If you look at the file names you'll be able to see what pictures go with each other.
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    Hi Eccmy! How are you doing?

    I just wanted to let you know that I've amassed a large collection of Tokimeki Memorial 2 Telephone card pictures; the front and the backs of them complete with the original barcode. All of these don't have any entries on the sire either. COnsidering that I don't really know how to add things to the site yet, which you like me to email all these pictures to you? Would you be interested in adding them to the site?
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    Hi Eccmy. I saw that you were sick. I just want to wish you well and I hope that you get better soon.
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    Eccmy (Il y a 1 an) #8604042Hi Yoruno! Good job on getting that Miho doll! :)
    Sorry for the late answer: currently ill; and to rub some salt on the wound, personal computer out of order (again, tech support did a bad job first time around) so I'm borrowing another one for the time being. As such, for a few weeks my activity here will be reduced. :/

    Get well soon - both you and your computer!
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    Hello, how are you?
    I was lucky enough to grab ITEM #196301 at Mandarake, the one I originally intended to get. Other Tokimemo 2 girls were also sold out in a flash, which means they're still sought after!
    What's new in your collection?
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    Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerEccmy (Il y a 2 ans) #5966689Again late to the answer, sorry. I had a busy week with real life matters, but it's all clear now so I have some time to chat with everyone. :)
    But, first and foremost, I wish you a happy new year! I hope you had a nice beginning of January ^_^
    Yes, Tokimeki Memorial 2 and Mitsumete Knight are two of the many games I'd love to play again, but can't find time for them. Even more so TM2 with the heavier dating system compared to MK (seriously, being able to invite a girl on the spot, instead of setting up the meeting on next sunday, is a life-saver), and all the disc swapping. :/
    Yes, I have seen Akira Kurosawa's The Seven Samurai. I have to admit I haven't seen a lot of Japanese movies though, but I'm not a cinephile to begin with, so my knowledge of films of all countries in general in general isn't vast.
    Hmmm, places where you can find Japanese pen pals... I've met mine through life circumstances and through other friends, so I've never used Internet resources to find them. Let me see if I can find some good site though, if I'm able to I'll make sure to tell you!
    Yup, going through all those archives felt like being kind of an archaelogist. I really had to dig deep in some places to unearth some great data. It wasn't easy, but it paid off greatly.
    No problem, please go ahead and add them! Don't worry, I'll have your back in case you're stuck with data or entry creation problems.
    Yes, the JAN code is the data I have the most difficult time getting with telephone cards, because Konami never bothered featuring it in their webshops and catalogs, unlike the rest of the data such as release date, Catalog ID, and price.
    See, the JAN code on the telephone card itself is useless, it's a generic one for all telephone cards. The one I need for each card (that has one, that is, cards such as the store exclusive ones given when you pre-order a Tokimemo game from them for example don't have one) is the one on the sleeve's sticker, such as this one for example PICTURE #1299879 , or at the back of the cardboard display for Konamilook cards such as this one PICTURE #834403 .
    So getting Konamilook cards' JAN codes is relatively easy, but cards using paper or plastic sleeves are harder to get their codes, because a lot of people never bothered keeping the original sleeves.
    Thank you very much! It's true there aren't many people still interested in that game, sadly. It's even worse for non-Japanese fans since the game has never been translated...
    Speaking of which, may I ask you a TM2-related question, if you don't mind of course? Earlier we talked about our fave chars, but I'm curious, what are your fave Events in the game?

    Hi Eccmy! Sorry for the late reply. Hahaha. I have a full time job and I'm a full time writer as well, so sometimes it's hard to remember everything and get back to people. Still, I hope you are doing well and having a good start to the New Year. Jeez, it's already February. January flew by.

    Have you had any luck looking for the pen pal website you mentioned? If not, then no worries.

    It sounds like searching for all those JAN codes is a tough job. I see what you mean. Most people probably throw all the plastic packaging away, which would make your job a lot more difficult. Well, if I get any cards that still have those codes on them, I'll let you know. I'm going to try to upload some Tokimeki Cards to the database in the next few days. If it's too time consuming for me, I'll give those codes to you in order to upload. You seem to be the resident expert, lol.

    About Akira Kurosawa, have seen Ran or Rashoman? I love Rashoman. It's one of my favorite movies. Several years ago, a local theater in the city I live, acquired a rare reel of it and played it to a sold out crowd. It was an awesome experience.

    So tell me about Mitsumete Knight. I've never heard of it.

    Once a year, I check around the internet to see if anyone's trying to see if anyone's trying to do an english translation of Tokimeki Memorial 2. Sadly, it seems that everyone who attempts it gives up quickly. It's a little over my head, but apparently the way the game was coded makes creating a mod incredibly difficult. I've seen people talk about how they'd either have to tackle this coding problem or basically rebuild the entire game from scratch. It's a job that no one seems capable or willing to put a lot of time in. It's unfortunate, because isn't TM1 and TM Girl's Side translated? I've toyed with the idea of paying a team to tackle Tokimeki Memorial 2, but I'm not sure how feasible it would be for me to do that. :/

    One of these days, I'd like to play Tokimeki Memorial 2 again. Hopefully soon. I think it has some of the best writing I've ever seen in a video game. My favorite event? My favorite event has to be when you go on a vacation with Miyuki. I'm pulling from memory here. Lol, it's been a while. Both you and her have an encounter with a UFO and it's pretty crazy. Afterwards, you go on a walk with her around town. It's very romantic. She opens up to you in a way that she never has and expresses her fears and vulnerabilities. She shows that she's always more than what everyone sees her as. She's afraid that no one wants to be around her because she's so offbeat and basically a walking disaster zone. It's a moment of weakness that she lets into and by telling her that you'll stick with her, she really perks back up and becomes her old self again. It shows the joy that she has in finding someone that she can be herself around. So yeah, I really love that scene. So how about you? What scene is your favorite?

    Hope to hear from you soon. I'm going to try work harder to not get back to you so late next time.
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    Katto SHSL Magical Girl
    Eccmy (Il y a 2 ans) #5966700Ha ha, I see! :p
    Thanks! Making the blog should take two or three days though, I first need to do some space in my room for all the new figures I got, so I can set them up right after having shot the photos for the blog. Some work in perspective indeed!
    Woah, congrats on your engagement! I wish you plenty of happiness! ~^_^~
    I can see what you mean regarding being busy and keeping contact, ha ha. That's why I absolutely wanted to reply and/or chat with everyone now that I finally have some free time.
    I know what you're taking about haha. I've been wanting to do posts but to get the time and space to do it is half the battle! I'm hoping to change that this year, I really want to write and post more stuff but it's difficult with the work schedule as it is D:

    Thank you! It's really quite exciting, I love planning events :3

    Oh for sure! I have a couple of members here I try to reply to regularly but it's so hard to have the time to sit and give them the attention they deserve :3 Plus typing on mobile..... not so fun!
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    Eccmy (Il y a 2 ans) #5966631Sorry for not having told it sooner, and to think we recently discussed at the Database Managers club... But I wish you a happy new year Maakie! ^_^


    Noooo problem! And a happy new year to you too! Let it be filled with nice goodies and figures! :D
    Il y a 2 ans
    Eccmy (Il y a 2 ans) #5990895It's going good. Lately I've got a few Tokimemo goods and books, and I had the big luck to get some rare Mitsumete Knight goods as well ^_^
    And you, how are you doing on your side? -_^

    Congrats! I've almost completed the must-have part of my collection (lucky me, because the currency rate is getting insane), and I'm quite pleased with my site ^_^ However, speaking on common ground, I haven't got any Tokimemo dolls yet!
    Il y a 2 ans
    Leosach Born this way
    Eccmy (Il y a 2 ans) #5966629Hi Leosach, I wish you a (late, sorry) happy new year! ^_^

    Deaaaar! Happy (late) new year as well!!! \o/ hope you had a great time!
    Il y a 2 ans
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