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  • Chloe-tsundereIl y a 4 ans#12111602Happy birthday my friend ^_^
    Thank you~~ I haven't been too active on here anymore but I'm glad you thought of me!
    Il y a 4 ans
    Chloe-tsundereIl y a 4 ans#11834991You still have ITEM #337631 for sale? As you didnt remove the comment :) or striked it.
    If yes where do you ship from? Im interested (unless veey high whipping, usually usa or canada and australia)

    Yep I got a lot of her lol
    Il y a 4 ans
    Chloe-tsundereIl y a 4 ans#11968275snipp

    That's kinda what I want is a buncha shrines and/or themes. My idea of a shrine is like a whole detolf only because my intent is to have a daki hanging behind each one to display the theme. It would probably be easier to skip that and just have my white wall as the background so I can have each section be its own theme but I feel like that's too simple. >: Kuroneko has that going on and it works perfect cus I have tons of her. :3 Louise could fill a detolf easy so a daki behind it would be perfect as well. Once I get her set up I'll show ya. :O

    You do have quite a lot of merch, I suppose you could probably part with some and be okay if you need extra money. :o That Ars Nova shelf sounds like fun! You're gonna do that once you move? I bet you're excited to get everything into your new place and have more spacee. :3
    Il y a 4 ans
    Chloe-tsundereIl y a 4 ans#11967020Well all of mine are louise and 1 tsubaki and 1 mio, yours are at least varied XD im already tempted again by the cospa cover D: arrrgh xD
    Wow thats fast so you went by ems ;)? Here ems is like at least 3k so i dont bother..
    Plus more risks.
    Yeah likewise. When we move out, hobbyroom will be full of louise XD thats for sure haha :P
    I need some more display options tho as i dont want to damage them.. I do have special hooks but not enough

    I actually have quite a bunch more that I was just too lazy to add to the database. ;3 I'll have to take pictures of all of them one day when I'm not super lazyyyy~ I'm just so good at being lazy... I need to find a different type of clip to hang them with too. The ones I have are soft but the weird coating they have actually splinters into the daki fabric, its really weird and pretty stupid design no matter what fabric you're hanging. >->

    I went by DHL cus it was 2300 vs 2720 EMS, plus I LOVE DHL because it IS insanely fast! I got shipping notice Tuesday at 11:30pm and it arrived here Thursday at Noon. That's like.. a day and a half. -mind explodes-

    A whole room for Louise would be awesomee~! I probably wont have a whole room of a character but I have a third of a room for Kuroneko right now. :3 I want one detolf per favorite character but so far I think Louise is the only other one that I'd have enough of to fill one completely. I've been struggling trying to figure out how to organize my figures by category instead but they fit into so many at the same time I'm torn. @_@
    Il y a 4 ans
    Chloe-tsundereIl y a 4 ans#10150711Happy birthday

    Thank you for the birthday wish! :)
    Il y a 4 ans
    Chloe-tsundereIl y a 4 ans#11951504Ok just let me know when you want me to pay ok?
    I actually shouldnt have bought anything cause I need to save for moving out and all xD but i just xouldnt pass >.< I mean if she never pops up again id regret it.. XD i told myself no more stuff and even my husband but since i bought daki i let him buy what he wanted as well.. ^^"
    But this will be the last daki i buy, got too many xD and now need to find cheap nice filling :)
    Oh i thoght card through paypal still uses up paypal balance? But apparantly it does not? But i guess yen might be best then so you can spend it on whatever you order :)
    Damn i guess they put it n a box again instead of bubble enveloppe -___- couldve been 780 yen otherwise but no biggie.. :p it comes in handy for our moval xD
    I should be glad about not living in jaan.. Id become an instant hoarder there ^^" lol

    Sure thing. And I feel you, I told myself I was done ordering dakis because i have enough of them but I was never expecting those two to pop up. @-@ I got them yesterday and they're so nice. :3 But those are the last two and a great last two. :D They were boxed but sometimes I get the envelope for just one too and it's pretty awesome.

    My family thinks I hoard my stuff but I just haven't had anywhere to put them till now. Once they visit they'll see~ :3
    Il y a 4 ans
    Chloe-tsundereIl y a 4 ans#11946868Yeeeey! Lucky :D and you got 5 days to pay so not much to worry im not in a hurry.
    Just let me know how much i owe you :) best is in yen so before you pay, i can pay you back exactly the same amount unless you prefer usd? I send it as gift (after all we are friends here and you can prob show me the receipt anyways)

    Kewl sounds good! :3 Yeah yen is totally fine, it doesn't matter either way cause I won't be able to use that yen for this since it's with my card but i know I'll use it sooner or later for something else. The total is 11,180 yen. My PayPal is commanderroo@yahoo.com No rush there either. I'll let you know when I do get home and pay and also when it ships~
    Il y a 4 ans
    Heyy I just got a confirmation finally so you got her! Unfortunately I left the only card I have that works at home and it's my first day back to work after vacation. 3:< Figures. Once I get home tonight I'll send the payment through so don't worry! :D
    Il y a 4 ans
    Chloe-tsundereIl y a 4 ans#11873243Yeah too bad :p louise over muramasa hehe
    Yeah just tell them it is a present or something ;) and here needs lower value too, below 22 euros

    Wow that was quick, like less than an hour for a reply. :D They said its okay so pm me your address and anything else I need to know so it ships okay to you. :O
    Il y a 4 ans
    Chloe-tsundereIl y a 4 ans#11871255I believe they allow you to send to a different address since not long ago, but we could always ask and message them? Worth a shot as shes still there :) i can just pay you after you paid manda (or i pay in yen, np either) and just ask which color it is..? I suspect blue tho
    Well after all I just bought I gotta pass on it anyway haha. But yea I'll send them an email right now asking if that's a possibility. :O
    Il y a 4 ans
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