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    Il y a 1 an
    Il y a 1 an
    LunarSkye (Il y a 1 an) #17067201Ayyyy Memeyandi can i call you that happy holidays! ^^
    Thanks for the blessings; may both of our holiday seasons be filled with da kyute boiz

    YE S PLEASE DO call me that every time
    Amen sistah. Thank you. ♥
    Il y a 1 an
    Yooo Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ^-^ Let it be filled with lots of tasty plastic boys and esp their dicks
    Il y a 1 an
    LunarSkye (Il y a 1 an) #16607411Well maybe not an Eve SSR for Christmas anymore since we got the Christmas SSRs already lol
    Omggg a Makino SSR would absolutely kill me. Praying when it's her time I'll have tons of jewels saved up to try for her
    Yeah I keep on meaning to pick up the Kuroshitsuji manga but other stuff just catches my eye and I end up pushing it back even more OTL
    Now I barely read so it'll take quite a while until my to read list is done lol
    Speaking of the DereSute Christmas SSRs, ohhh my god I've been dying for them. I absolutely can't spend any money on them because December is really bad for me but I've been spending all jewels I get
    It doesn't help that I recently cleared my cache so every single card loads and I can't judge new cards with loading screens. Sigh...

    I really wanted the limited Tokiko SR so I did daily rolls every day, but she didn't come home -_- I wasn't expecting her to get an SR already, guess I had better brace myself for her eventual SSR.

    I have to get back into the habit of reading too, I barely even read when I had school, but now I graduated so I guess I have no excuse. Kuroshitsuji is the only manga I keep up with every month.

    But during the christmas limited gacha, the loading screens kept getting me excited and then dashing my hopes. Usually there was no loading because of repeat rares, but once I got a new rare....and a new SR BUT IT WASN'T TOKIKO. Haruna why ;_;
    Il y a 1 an
    LunarSkye (Il y a 1 an) #16609946Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerI'm making you wait for the regular meme I'm not home yet aahhhasvjlgs
    Well that story was from a choir concert but I did have an orchestra concert right after, but orchestra's never as eventful as choir lol
    It worked out okay and now we got,,., our winter concert coming up,.
    We actually had a concert a few days ago where we sang with a symphony ヽ ( ꒪д꒪ lll)ノ
    Super long 8-min Latin piece we were forced to memorize in 3 weeks
    It worked out well but holy shit 5 people almost passed out on stage
    All in my section too man Sopranos have no chill
    And plus I got,, lots of manga to read,. lots of YouTube series to finish,, and 2 games to play now that I've finally gotten a new Vita memory card
    Dudebro one of my friends is so obsessed with Yuri on ICE she's starting to scare me. Send help
    I thought Gakuen Handsome would be more like an Internet parody anime series I watched called Senpai Club, but it ended up more tame than I thought? I thought it was going to be more joke-y about anime cliches and stuff, but I guess it's easier for Senpai Club to do that since it was made by an outsider looking into the cliches of anime
    Senpai Club is great by the way you should look it up
    I have watched Natsume in the past (binged the entire first season in one day lol) but I'm not caught up yet so I can't watch the next season aghhh
    Holy crap I forgot to watch the TouRabu anime what even
    But other than that hohoholy shit I've been playing Persona 3 Portable a lot rencently. Like... a lot. Like I started it 3 weeks to a month ago and I've logged like 120 hours into it already. I did a male MC playthrough first, then a female MC playthrough, and then I restarted my fem MC play when I was really close to the end of the game because I messed up big time earlier in the play
    Anyway I'm gonna keep this short because you're not into Persona but Persona 5 has been delayed AGAIN for the 4th or 5th time and I'm sad
    Oh and don't worry about the [K] boys lol I'm sure we'll find some other opportunity for you to send me dick memes in a box

    You don't get any time
    No meme either
    I want 2 now

    WTACTUALF that sounds stressful as hell already but those 5 poor people are the living truth! o.o Happy to hear it all kinda worked out, more or less. I got high respect for you to manage such a stressful hobby >w<

    Ha Ha Haaaa I know those problems, you sound exactly like me right now lol. Hope you can catch with everything asap and gurl if I find the right help I'll be happy to send it to her after I'm all cleansed from all sin myself because right now GOD I need it myself.

    That does sound good! I thought the same about Gakuen Handsome and loved the idea, but it turned out to be way different. If Senpai Club is anything like my idea of Gakuen Handsome then I will definitely check it out.

    Well, I highly recommend continuing! My personal favorite season overall is the 2nd but tbh season 3-5 are just equally and consistently good imo. Like after the 2nd I can't even tell which episode was in which season and there are always worse and better episodes I guess but they all have the same warm yet melancholic feel to them and it's just great how they manage to keep that for 50+ episodes now.

    I had still forgotten about it in the last comment I wrote to you hahaha. I still haven't watched a single episode but I really hope I can somehow binge it in the 1-2 weeks between one saison's ending and the next' beginning, because since I haven't watched a finished anime in many months/a year maybe because of a lack of time I really don't know how else I'm gonna handle this haha!

    I've only seen the P4 anime yeah but I loved that to death, so feel free to talk about the franchise all you like! Daaamn it's been a while since I've put so much time in a game but it always amazes me when people do haha, and also your commitment to delete the savefile because of one mistake, I would probably have just cried and never touched the game again in my life haha.

    Yeah tbh that's the saddest part about it but we'll find a way
    Il y a 1 an
    WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
    LunarSkye (Il y a 1 an) #16677262You're alive woah!!
    I just realized this is my first Miku scale (which is weird since I call myself a really long-time vocaloid fan lol) so now I'm even more impatient lol
    Cmon GSC I need my meekoos

    Really? I thought maybe you just preferred small figs but I see now that you have a ton of scales lol... For shame! At least you picked one of the best as your first lol.
    Il y a 1 an
    WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
    Just wanted to let you know I'm not deaaad and GSC is being slow. When will Miku come out :')?
    Il y a 1 an
    LunarSkye (Il y a 2 ans) #16202919Yeah we've had a lot of token events lately which is bad for me because I SUCK at token events
    As a self-proclaimed Horrible Combo-er, the Live Parade goal with the 700 combo actually killed me and I couldn't finish it before the end of the event :')
    Yeah, I've decided the same thing about permanents after the Anya War. I figure I could always buy them with the special tickets or they'll show up eventually in an unrelated gacha...
    As much as I'll be tempted to spin for Nana and Mika in a couple of weeks, I'm going to save for a little while longer and pray that the CinFest gods will smile down upon me during the holiday season
    Oh my god that reminds me: I really hope they have an Eve Santaclaus SSR for Christmas
    Ohhh Kuroshitsuji! Yeah, I tried picking up the anime a while back and just didn't get into it. Then my friend told me the anime isn't anywhere near as good as the manga. I really want to pick up the manga and get into the series, but my manga backlog is just so big I can't go and buy any more to read right now
    As for me, besides idols I've been really into the Persona series lately. I played Persona 4 Golden like a year ago and loved it, so I'm finally playing Persona 3. It's been less than 2 weeks and my friend says I'm pretty much 50% done with the game lol
    But ohhhh my god Persona 5 got pushed back AGAIN. This is like... the 4th time it's gotten delayed. I think it was 2014 to 2015, then 2015 to 2016, then 2016 to Valentine's Day 2017, then Valentine's Day 2017 to April 4 2017. I'm suffering aahhhh

    So true, I was thinking about picking Ranko with the next special ticket that comes out (I picked Anzu with the first one), but then I got her during Cinfest... I had actually been aiming for limited Rin but hey I'll take this.

    I'm actually really excited about some of the more newly added characters getting SSRs, although I think Eve is pretty new to get an SSR (although for christmas...maybe....) I can't wait for when Hiromi, Makino, and Tokiko get theirs down the road.

    The Kuroshitsuji manga is so much better than the anime, at least the first two seasons. For the 3rd season they went back and adapted the manga faithfully. But yeah, honestly, I haven't even watched the first 2 seasons except for the first 7 episodes of the first season since they match up to the manga. The manga is definitely worth picking up if you ever have the time.

    3 year delay for the game? That's crazy, I've never heard of something being delayed that long :0 hopefully it will be finished soon.
    Il y a 2 ans
    LunarSkye (Il y a 2 ans) #16173631Nah Replying is supposed to quote lol
    It's just that Replying only has one quote every comment and Quoting can turn into a quote inside a quote inside a quote... it gets cluttered really quickly
    Yeah I'm glad Rin had a non-ranking event too. I'm actually not sure how I feel about that new event type? I mean it's good to have more non-competitive event types to get a break in between Tiering Hell™, but I found that I got bored of the event really easily?? Idk
    Yeah it was pretty hell for the Zook but I couldn't imagine any other event being as bad for a long while
    I've been having pretty bad luck with the gacha lately lol
    There's the whole Anya fiasco on the Idol Hell club (lesson learned: don't spend $300 on a permanent card ever again), and I didn't get anything during the last CinFest. And while I did solo Minami in the Onsen gacha, I really wanted Aiko, so I can't help but feel a little Aiko(ck)-blocked by Minami
    that was supposed to be a joke
    I hope the holiday season DereSute will be nice to me :')
    While we're at it: what else do you like other than idol stuff? Just so we don't tire out the topic haha

    I actually thought we would have Live Parade next, but it's token instead. I just think they need to fix live party to make it better for new people, I like it, but I got a little stuck on some of the harder missions.

    Sorry to hear you've had bad luck :( I understand where you're coming from, I have periods of bad luck in SIF personally. I spent about $300 last year scouting for my dream UR and she never came home.... when that happens I just have to take a step back from scouting for a while.
    But on deresute, I decided to not pull for permanent cards because if I really want one, I can get it when the next SSR ticket comes out....I'd rather save for limited SSRs (and I sometimes spend money for limited cards...). Right now I'm having a hard time deciding what to do.....at the end of November, Nana's limited SSR should be coming back (with limited Mika), but I don't know whether I should do a few pulls for her or just save all my jewels for cinfest. Especially since I don't know who the next cinfest SSRs will be.

    Okay besides idols, my favorite series is Kuroshitsuji, I've been following the manga for years. They screwed up the first 2 seasons of the anime so I wasn't a big fan of it, but with the 3rd season they redeemed themselves xD I first got into figures because they made one of my favorite character from Kuroshitsuji. I still want to pick up the rest of the figures in that line, I just didn't have enough money at the time. How did you get into figure collecting?
    Il y a 2 ans
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