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    LunarSkye (Il y a 2 ans) #16202919Yeah we've had a lot of token events lately which is bad for me because I SUCK at token events
    As a self-proclaimed Horrible Combo-er, the Live Parade goal with the 700 combo actually killed me and I couldn't finish it before the end of the event :')
    Yeah, I've decided the same thing about permanents after the Anya War. I figure I could always buy them with the special tickets or they'll show up eventually in an unrelated gacha...
    As much as I'll be tempted to spin for Nana and Mika in a couple of weeks, I'm going to save for a little while longer and pray that the CinFest gods will smile down upon me during the holiday season
    Oh my god that reminds me: I really hope they have an Eve Santaclaus SSR for Christmas
    Ohhh Kuroshitsuji! Yeah, I tried picking up the anime a while back and just didn't get into it. Then my friend told me the anime isn't anywhere near as good as the manga. I really want to pick up the manga and get into the series, but my manga backlog is just so big I can't go and buy any more to read right now
    As for me, besides idols I've been really into the Persona series lately. I played Persona 4 Golden like a year ago and loved it, so I'm finally playing Persona 3. It's been less than 2 weeks and my friend says I'm pretty much 50% done with the game lol
    But ohhhh my god Persona 5 got pushed back AGAIN. This is like... the 4th time it's gotten delayed. I think it was 2014 to 2015, then 2015 to 2016, then 2016 to Valentine's Day 2017, then Valentine's Day 2017 to April 4 2017. I'm suffering aahhhh

    So true, I was thinking about picking Ranko with the next special ticket that comes out (I picked Anzu with the first one), but then I got her during Cinfest... I had actually been aiming for limited Rin but hey I'll take this.

    I'm actually really excited about some of the more newly added characters getting SSRs, although I think Eve is pretty new to get an SSR (although for christmas...maybe....) I can't wait for when Hiromi, Makino, and Tokiko get theirs down the road.

    The Kuroshitsuji manga is so much better than the anime, at least the first two seasons. For the 3rd season they went back and adapted the manga faithfully. But yeah, honestly, I haven't even watched the first 2 seasons except for the first 7 episodes of the first season since they match up to the manga. The manga is definitely worth picking up if you ever have the time.

    3 year delay for the game? That's crazy, I've never heard of something being delayed that long :0 hopefully it will be finished soon.
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    LunarSkye (Il y a 2 ans) #16173631Nah Replying is supposed to quote lol
    It's just that Replying only has one quote every comment and Quoting can turn into a quote inside a quote inside a quote... it gets cluttered really quickly
    Yeah I'm glad Rin had a non-ranking event too. I'm actually not sure how I feel about that new event type? I mean it's good to have more non-competitive event types to get a break in between Tiering Hell™, but I found that I got bored of the event really easily?? Idk
    Yeah it was pretty hell for the Zook but I couldn't imagine any other event being as bad for a long while
    I've been having pretty bad luck with the gacha lately lol
    There's the whole Anya fiasco on the Idol Hell club (lesson learned: don't spend $300 on a permanent card ever again), and I didn't get anything during the last CinFest. And while I did solo Minami in the Onsen gacha, I really wanted Aiko, so I can't help but feel a little Aiko(ck)-blocked by Minami
    that was supposed to be a joke
    I hope the holiday season DereSute will be nice to me :')
    While we're at it: what else do you like other than idol stuff? Just so we don't tire out the topic haha

    I actually thought we would have Live Parade next, but it's token instead. I just think they need to fix live party to make it better for new people, I like it, but I got a little stuck on some of the harder missions.

    Sorry to hear you've had bad luck :( I understand where you're coming from, I have periods of bad luck in SIF personally. I spent about $300 last year scouting for my dream UR and she never came home.... when that happens I just have to take a step back from scouting for a while.
    But on deresute, I decided to not pull for permanent cards because if I really want one, I can get it when the next SSR ticket comes out....I'd rather save for limited SSRs (and I sometimes spend money for limited cards...). Right now I'm having a hard time deciding what to do.....at the end of November, Nana's limited SSR should be coming back (with limited Mika), but I don't know whether I should do a few pulls for her or just save all my jewels for cinfest. Especially since I don't know who the next cinfest SSRs will be.

    Okay besides idols, my favorite series is Kuroshitsuji, I've been following the manga for years. They screwed up the first 2 seasons of the anime so I wasn't a big fan of it, but with the 3rd season they redeemed themselves xD I first got into figures because they made one of my favorite character from Kuroshitsuji. I still want to pick up the rest of the figures in that line, I just didn't have enough money at the time. How did you get into figure collecting?
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    LunarSkye (Il y a 2 ans) #16149703....

    For some reason even if I click reply it still quotes you :/ I don't know why...

    I also got knocked out of T5 for Love Letter T.T by only a couple hundred points, too. I wasn't too happy about that. But I was thankful that they decided to give Rin a nonranking event. Now I'm just waiting for Anzu to get an event card, I'm sure there won't be as big of a bloodbath for her as there was for Uzuki xD

    I have 10 SSRs - 2 were on the account when I got it (unlimited Minami and unlimited Rin), and I've pulled 8 (unlimiteds: Aiko, Hinako, Ranko, Kirari, and chose Anzu from a ticket. Limiteds: Airi, Sachiko, and Mayu).

    Oooh I really like Tomoe, her cards are really pretty. I have a lot of other deresute girls I like too: Syoko, Koume, Nana, Mayu, Chieri, Mirei, Kanade....makes it hard to pick who I'm going to roll for. I do want to save up, though, for when/if Bandai brings back limited Ranko and limited Anzu. I started playing when limited Anzu was available, I rolled twice and didn't get her.

    Maybe I will make a chart graphic too for all the other idols I like. I only put a few of them in my profile because I was afraid it would get too long and cluttered xD
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    LunarSkye (Il y a 2 ans) #16130992Hey there! Thanks for the friend request; I always love meeting new people to talk to!
    If it's alright, can I ask why you sent me an FR? I thought we could start a conversation while we're at it!
    And it seems like you're (kinda) new to MFC, so here's a late welcome to the community lol

    Sorry for being awkward, I was going through the Idol Hell club and talking to some people. I'm not sure what the customs are for FRs on this site lol. I don't mean to stress anyone out ;_;

    But I saw you play Starlight Stage too, I'll put my friend ID in my profile (I'm writing that up right now), of course, if you want to friend me or not it's up to you xD
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    LunarSkye (Il y a 2 ans) #15578863Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerOH GOD THIS IS A NEW RECORD FOR ME IM HERE DONT WORRY HAVE A MEME
    Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttp://67.media.tumblr.com/802e61f825ce96255cbd641ac419e933/tumblr_of7b16kPJC1vtqykeo1_1280.jpg
    So yeah sorry for taking so long for a reply! School is finally getting into full swing and it's just blech and I have a couple of concert coming up and it's just BLECH
    Lemme just... Lemme just rant a lil but about the choir I'm in right now
    So new year, new freshmen. Our director in the beginning was like "This choir is going to be great. It's going to be even better than lsat year's, I can feel it" because this choir is bigger than usual
    But like... the freshmen have no idea what they're doing. Usually the choir would get everything ready and just do fine-tuning about 2 or 3 weeks before the concert but it took like... a week before the concert for everyone to get their shit together?? And our director was the most frustrated I've ever seen him
    I mean at least they know what they're doing now but holy fuck it took a while and I'm still a little iffy on it
    So the choir concert is tomorrow, the orchestra concert is next week, and I have a panel I have to help with for a mini-con at the mall in my town next Saturday
    I feel the death incoming
    But anyway: about TeniPuri ahaha I've actually had it on hold for a while? I've been slacking off of anime and barely keeping up with the seasonal stuff lol
    But I'll pick it up sometime
    If/when Native starts with the male OCs I will actually probably start crying it'll be glorious
    I'm good with the price offer! Unfortunately I can't really afford to pay rn... some sudden things came up, and I'm not sure when it'll all clear up? Maybe in a few weeks, idk, hopefully by November
    Don't feel like you have to hold them for me, though! I'm not forcing you to save them for until I can pay them off :)
    But yes anyway put in as many dick jokes and you want in the package lol there's one I don't care lol the more the merrier
    What a long and treacherous tale that was to read
    Don't feel like you need to play MysMe lol It'd be nice if you did so I can scream and cry about it to you but I find that it's harder to get into something if you feel like you're obligated to! Just take it at your own pace if you feel like playing!
    Here it is though:
    Heeeeeere we gooooo!
    All Out!!: It's a rugby anime. Don't have much to say actually? It's a pretty average sports anime, not something outstandlingly bad or good. It has everything you could wish for in a sports anime (+ BIG BARA BOOTY BITCHES), and it stays pretty faithful to the manga so far
    Haikyuu!! S3: Lots of people sad that this'll be only 10 episodes but that just means a potential fourth season lol
    And plus they get into the action right away, it's pretty good so far. Amazingly high score on MAL atm
    Yuri!!! on ICE: Here it is: the one that everyone and their dog is talking about this season. It's good. Animation is REALLY REALLY BEAUTIFUL. Soundtrack is GREAT. And it's hella GAY. Everything you could want in an anime
    Gakuen Handsome: It's a MASTERPIECE. Obviously the best anime on this season, if not the best anime in all of time. BEAUTIFUL animation. GORGEOUS music. AMAZING characters. The Magnum Opus of anime.
    So yeah this is a parody joke anime it's pretty stupid
    ClassicaLoid: So from what I can gather it's about a bunch of characters who are the modern reincarnation of famous classical artists. It calls to my CLASSICAL SOUL even though they really only play really well-known pieces. It's entertaining. I like it. But if I hear a single note of Canon in D I'm dropping I s2g
    Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari: So it's basically Amaama to Inazuma, Autumn season flavored. I like it more though. I think it's cuter than Amaama to Inazuma. It's really cute. REALLY CUTE
    Sangatsu no Lion: About a 17-year-old shogi player who has some emotional problems that cause his performance to drop, probably due to the death of his parents and I suppose that he'll rely on his adoptive family to help heal him as a person
    When I saw this on the charts I immediately was reminded of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. I'd say it's kinda like that? I can definitely see similarities between both of the main characters. But I'd say the MC of Sangatsu is more independent than the MC of Shigatsu. It feels like he's going to rely on himself to better himself as a person rather than leaning on someone else like Kousei did in Shigatsu.
    Animation is GOOOOD and the music is so... beautiful... Bump of Chicken OP and ED mmmm and the first song they play that's from the OST is this gorgeous song that's actually in French, which surprised me
    So yeah this one is good I like it a lot
    Watashi ga Motete Dousunda: So it's about a fujoshi who's popular with all of these boys but has trouble hiding fer fujoshi tendencies around them
    I thought it was doing to be a comedy anime with 3-5 mins per episode, but it's actually a full 24 minutes? Of an actual harem anime? Um okay
    It's alright. Pretty entertaining actually, but it doesn't have too much substance to it
    (aka anime I don't have much to say about)
    FLIP FLAPPERS: What's going on. I don't know. Art is cute, ED is cute. Not much substance though. Dropped
    Trickster: No but what's going on I really don't know. Something about some immortal guy? It's really generic though, might drop it along the way
    Show By Rock!! #: S2 of Show By Rock!! If you liked the first season you'll like this one dontjudgemeitsmyguiltypleasureanime
    Shuumatsu no Izetta: Uhh... It's about WWII? I think... I'm not a fan of historical fiction or historical anime in general so I don't know why I watched this lol
    don't take any opinion from me on this I'm biased again this genre
    Nanbaka: Comedy/action about some guys trying to break out of prison. Weird art style, but not bad. Not my type of humor but still entertaining
    Occultic;Nine: What the hell is happening. Something about demons and stuff idk. Art and animation are really nice though
    I was going to watch Fune wo Amu but it's not on Crunchyroll ugh


    Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttp://fs5.directupload.net/images/161106/ymeka526.jpg
    I'm glad we matured and moved on from the dick jokes.

    Why does your director sound like Trump
    Anyway goddammit those angsty teenagers nowadays get too much respect, liberty, individuality and personal responsibility imo I mean I guess that's great but they can't really handle that all that well yet and if it lets others down it really doesn't help anyone. I hope your concert and other stuff went well?? Also, are you singing or playing and instrument, and if so which one?

    Omg same here plus I subscribed to 3 new YouTubers that do daily videos while I have two LP playslists still unwatched and now American Horror Story season 2-6 to watch because I really liked the first one (which is special bc I normally don't watch TV shows) and Scream Queens seasons 1+2 because a friend told me it'd be even more my cup of tea than AHS. That is still only the To-Watch-List in addition to the, what, 10+ seasonal anime (and one finished one I have bookmarked) so don't even get me started on the To-Play ones. All that when my semester has just started and rather than a bunches of exams at the end of it I'm going to have to do more oral presentations throughout the months (I HATE that) so probably no time to spare until the semester is over anyway :')))))) /cries

    Alright I'm gonna PM you my PayPal and all other details

    Yeah as I said it's behind hundreds of hours of other material for free time in a period where I don't have any free time at all but I'll keep it at the back of my mind and probably play it when no one else does anymore so look forward to me reviving that zombie with you in a few months maybe lol.


    But why do we need to talk about this at all when we have Yuri on Ice. Seriously this fucking shit is just SO MUCH my thing I can't even it's got literally everything I like gay cute dorky embarassing nerds sexual innuendos gorgeous animation and dancing that's close to ballet / lots of ballet references I love ballet so much and I LOVE MEN DOING BALLET SO MUCH and this is the closest thing I've seen of animu bishounen doing that so I was a biased piece of shit from the very premise on but it proved to be everything I like anyway????? Whyyyy. Also Opening and Ending are SO GOOD THE MUSIC THE STYLE just everything i cri evritim no joke

    So yeah animu of the life 1000000/10 aside;
    from the other stuff you've mentioned I only watch All Out!!, Haikyuu and Gakuen Handsome. I can't realy give you feedback to any of the other stuff because I just know I'll never be able to watch it anyway though Sangatsu no Lion sounds really nice and I noticed a lot of people like it so ;; I want to see it ;; But I probably won't ;; so sad
    Anyway from those three shows I don't really like any?? All Out!! is really boring to me fsr (though of course not nearly as bad as Battery) though it gets better with every episode imo. Still my favorite sports anime in this season remains Days... which really surprised me because I was totally certain that it would be Haikyuu. I don't remember if I talked about this with you before, but I think HQ really shows the same thing over and over again? It's probably just me but I feel like there has been too much character development too fast and now nothing is really happening anymore and they try to force the characters' old habits in there from time to time but it's not really working for me, plus I'm not that keen on Shiratorizawa; I like some of them but not nearly as much as other characters from Aoba Johsei or Nekoma :/
    Gakuen Handsome, I was sure would be 100% my humor so I was surprised by how little I actually like it, I almost never actually lol'd. I even watched the OVA before to properly get to know it but same thing. Still, I laughed sometimes and art and animation is so beautiful and funny omfg it's just the best. >w<
    About stuff I watch and you don't: Well I mentioned I still really likes Days, though it's nowhere near my favorite sports anime like Kuroko or YowaPeda. Bungo Stray Dogs is really amazing. I've read the manga to a certain point until the anime was announced and then dropped it because I prefer animation; turns out I almost exactly read the entire first season's plot so new material started with S2 in this season and it's just sooo much better than everything I had read and watched before, I highly recommend it! Then of course there's Natsume Yuujinchou Go that's just as beautiful as ever; I really recommend getting into the franchise, it just so sad yet warm and fuzzy, it's just amazing. I don't think you're into Digimon so I'll shut up over Appli Monsters and also Ao Oni; don't watch it. I really enjoyed the game and like the artstyle of the anime shorts but they're ruining everything. I know it wasn't supposed to be an adaption of the game and the game is pretty meme-y and ridiculous itself but they totally DIDN'T nail the game's humor and point, it's just terrible. Last thing is the first Touken Ranbu anime which admittedly I really like! It's a bit too cute and moe, but somehow that way the sad or melancholic scenes and dialogues really do kick in, imo. I don't even play the game anymore and never did to intensely to begin with, but I get really emotional about those boys in the anime, ahaha. It's totally lighting up again that small flame I had in my heart for a few months playing the game and that's my biggest fear because of those dozens of pretty boys figures from Orange Rouge dear god no let me live oAo
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    LunarSkye (Il y a 2 ans) #15035926Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerI'M LATE BUT I'M HERE
    to comment about the Tony Rin/Len reviews
    I have to say, you're improving a lot with every review! I like the new format with the spoilers, it lets you fit a lot more pics without crowding everything up, it's nicely organized
    I also like how you jazzed things up with the formatting for the different categories. It's always nice to see someone add something visually interesting to a review!
    At this point I don't have too too much advice because I'm just a causal reader of reviews but I'll definitely continue to read your reviews! i hope we can be friends too!
    That aside, I'm gonna have to wait a while longer for my Tony Len because he just processed in the Japan PO yesterday. Not shipped, just processed :')

    You're too kind!! TT^TT thank you for reading them! I hope to make them pretty and fun, just need to work on my editing :D Thank you for giving me pointers and helping me improve!!

    [siz=64]I like new friends! Lots of friends! C:

    I hope you get your Len soon! He's far too cute to sit in Japan for too long!
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    LunarSkye (Il y a 2 ans) #14834745Voir le spoilerCacher le spoileru kno it brodeo
    Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttp://67.media.tumblr.com/fcf1e2249c1a2eba5104e79f3897cdd9/tumblr_mwe4kqVDWO1r54p6po1_1280.jpg
    I want to let you know that I told my friend (who's Valor) that you said "AT LEAST ITS NOT VALOR" and she told me, and I quote, "Message back to her and tell her that she's a loser"
    Yeah, I thought the competition between Mystic and Valor was pretty interesting too! But it did start to get a little out of hand, so I'm glad everyone got along in the end!
    I'm reeeeaaally slowly making my way through TeniPuri, and Atobe hasn't showed himself for me either... I wish I could watch more but I'm too lazy and also being held up by seasonal shows lol
    Your themed shelves system is actually what I'd like to go for (once I get enough figures that can actually gather up to represent a theme)!
    Omg tho. Every time I think about that Native Aoba I cry a lil (tears of happiness) DMMd isn't my cup of tea, but I am so super happy to know that Native is finally making male figures and I just want more from here. I'm pretty sure there will be more too, just based on how much support that figure has on this website alone!
    And about those Alter [K] figures ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I'm interested ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    I probably won't be able to pay for both of them right away tho, maybe one this month and the other next month? Just not both at once, but I'm definitely interested in taking up your offer!
    Wait there's a second season of Boueibu?? HOW DID I NOT KNOW??? I guess my eyes just swept right over it when I was looking over the seasonal charts. I did watch the first season a while back because I heard about it and I was all, "Magical boy anime? lolol sounds stupid I'm gonna watch it for the memes." But it turned out to be really hilarious, and I even got my friend into it! (You know, the friend who has a hard time getting into stuff)
    But anyway! I'll probably binge the second season then after most of the summer anime end and before the autumn season starts
    No don't be scared join us in the cult
    But seriously it's genuinely a pretty enjoyable game with a nice and interesting concept ^^
    And also I checked out the seasonal chart for autumn and there's some good stuff! I'm thinking like... 10-12 shows I'll be watching? SO GET READY FOR THOSE FIRST IMPRESSIONS HAHAHAHAH

    BlA BLA DICK JOKE (i'm literally too lazy to plug in my phone and get a dick meme and who would have thought if you search for that on Google they only have shit ones)

    where is the joke
    I joined Instinct because of that, silly

    Whaaat, didn't you say in a loot blog, like, months ago, that you'd've seen PoT because of Atobe?! I totally thought you had finished it back then already o.o I'm honestly so surprised esp because you're usually so fast with animu, it's completely blowing my mind that you haven't actually met Atobe yet either haha. Also there seems to be quite a lot of story and development with his character so he can't possibly show up in the last couple of episodes only. What is this sorcery

    Yeah same. I still don't know what to do with the single figures from different franchises I want to keep but that don't fit together at all (my 1 Nendo shelf looks really cute even though the franchises they're from are so random, but with scales it just looks weird fsr), but reducing their number is a good first step, so they take up as little space as possible.

    ME TOO ;; I've actually canceled one of my two orders, price too high orz. Still looking insanely foward to him and other lewd male figures oh god yes. I actually don't read that much Yaoi/BL as one would think lol, I'm more the type to ship characters from a franchise I enjoy in general and then go for Doujinshi and Fanfics, so I'm not sure if I'd even know any other characters Native produces if they're not DMMd again but I'm just curious to see those figures; poses, reactions, creativity... everything. If they do original characters with this I might even break my rule not to buy those again (like my Skytube ballerinas where I decided the rule to collect ballerinas stands over the rule not to buy OCs lol, maybe I'll do the same hot naked men, I'll see lol.)

    But dearie wait you didn't ask about the price
    Would you be okay with 150€? Free shipping though, unless they weigh too much, then I'd like for us to share but I'm 99% sure they won't. Yata has decreased in price a bit but Fushimi not so much / increased at some shops, so I figured this would be fair but let me know what you think ~
    I'd really really prefer to sell them as a set, they're just not figures you buy just one of, but I can totally hold onto them for you until next month? you can pay something now ofc (I'm terrible at holding on to money, if I don't pay stuff immediately it just goes somewhere and idk where, so I'd understand) but would it be okay with you that I wait with the shipping until you've paid all? Let me know though bc you're my friend and I'll probably put dick memes in the package, just so you know.

    I casually enjoyed the first season, did get a good laugh sometimes but didn't laugh my ass off, but boy this has changed with the S2. I don't actually know if everyone thinks like this or just me but I'm enjoying it so much more than S1! Definitely watch it if you liked S1 anyway! Haru & Aki (the antagonists) are my bbs owo i <3 them

    Boy let me tell you the ride very quick
    I played Mysmes for half an hour, guest account. Thought it was quite interesting gameplay actually, yet deleted the app bc I didn't know if it had maybe saved anything from what I did as a guest and I wanted to start over. Downloaded the app again but didn't touch it because a friend told me to not miss any chats you should make your acc between midnight and 2 AM (in our timezone). Two nights in a row, I was too tired and went to sleep before midnight. Third night, I took a nap in the early evening JUST to be able to properly start; but then when it was time, I really wasn't passionate about it anymore at all so it felt like wasting time and so I deleted it again lol, but now there I was at 00:30 wide awake, so what did I do instead? I... studied. Worked on an essay to be exact, something I procastinated for so many weeks. But that night... everything was prepared for Mysems; I don't watch any finished anime right now, the only TV show I watch I got on DVD and watch it on the big screen TV in the living room only which I couldn't do late at night bc of my Mom, I had just played the only console game I play right now for a while, and somehow I felt really bad to play a game I wasn't too excited about when that shit is still waiting for me to actually fucking work on it. What has become of me. Don't make me feel like I got my shit together for once bc I sure as hell don't

    My body is so ready
    But ey I just count them again and I'll be watching 9 shows definitely as well so we should have a lot to talk about :>
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    LunarSkye (Il y a 2 ans) #14404528
    Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerHELLO FRIEND I WAS TOLD IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY

    So here I am

    About to wish you

    A happy birthday

    Happy birthday!! ଘ(੭ˊ꒳​ˋ)੭✧。.:*♡°+.*

    Here I made a spicy meme out of your comment
    Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttps://67.media.tumblr.com/157a2863f2d0a2338886b2951b1bd090/tumblr_ocxwnnccm21tb6svgo1_1280.png
    Oh man, too bad pokego sucks for you! It works pretty much perfectly for me, although I don't play it much lol
    My French teacher asked our (pretty huge) class who played pokego and pretty much everyone raised their hand lol
    But yes Spark is a very big sweetie who needs to be protected and loved very much
    I really love how just the reveal of the leaders brought all of the teams together! Everyone (mostly Mystic and Valor) was all hostile, but then the leaders got revealed, fanart popped up everywhere, and now everyone gets along!
    I definitely 100% relate to the reactions in Soma and I'd probably feel the same if I ate any of the food on that show lol
    I did get that Erina in recently! I think she was well worth the money I payed for her. She pretty much looks exactly like the prototype. I couldn't find a single flaw on her! And man oh man she looks amazing with Atobe ITEM #279055
    I swear Alter and GSC planned this. Not only do they both have this royalty theme, they also have similar poses. They both have one arm resting on the throne's armrest and the other arm somewhere near their head. And they both have their legs crossed too. And their poses are mirrored so it looks perfect. I have plans to get Fushimi ITEM #331470 and Yata ITEM #331469
    Because I think they look like the royal guards ^^
    and Fushimi's and Yata's hair color match Atobe's and Erina's, respectively. I swear Alter and GSC planned this
    But I want to devote a shelf to the four of them and make a nice little display with a "royalty" feeling to it
    I think DAYS started off shaky with the pacing, but it's been getting more and more even recently since most of the new characters are introduced already
    I agree that Cheer Danshi can get angsty, especially since now they've introduced so many new characters, but I still find myself enjoying it and yes omg what is that fashion sense I remember him wearing a t-shirt with a sailor fuku print on it like wtf
    I ended up dropping Battery. I feel like I should've waited to give it more of a chance, but I just couldn't enjoy it, so I just stopped
    I definitely like Orange better than ReLIFE! It starts off really slow, but it gets pretty good (and angsty) around episode... I want to say 4? I don't remember haha
    But OHHHHH MY GOD Naho is super dense about how Kakeru feels about her. I find myself getting mad at her a lot and if the others weren't there to slap her in the face with the facts, she'd be completely done
    I checked on the Autumn anime for a bit, and there's some interesting stuff on there! I'd say it's about the same amount of shows I watch every season, if not a little bit more
    And hey now we're both each other's 100th comments! Is there a reward for that somewhere this is legendary
    And yeah, one day I got an email from my proxy that she got returned to them, so they sent it back (without asking me to pay more shipping, bless) and I got her a few weeks later! This is my first prize figure, so I don't know what to compare her to, but I was pleasantly surprised at how good she is! She was bigger than I expected and her sculpt and paint is pretty good (especially on PakuPaku and Gejigeji. Those two are amazing). She does seem unstable on the stand though
    But I digress. You know what I've been obsessing over recently?
    *sharp breath through nose*
    This game is ruining my life omg
    If you don't know what it is, it's an otoge for mobile, but instead of communicating through VN sections, you talk to the characters through texts and calls. The game plays in real time, so you can't play it all at once. Instead, chats and calls will come at certain times in the day.
    It's made by Cheritz, the same people who made Dandelion, so I thought I'd check it out since it's gotten popular lately
    No regrets
    Jumin is daddy best and Jaehee is my wife
    Mystic Messenger: *is a game in which you need to check your phone regularly to progress*
    Me: *downloads the game the day before school starts* "...Anyway..."


    I love it
    Can we combine the topics? Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttp://fs5.directupload.net/images/160907/jcdrnabs.jpg

    Yup, it's the same with us! We're all university students/seemingly adults yet some people leave the lessons early to play on the campus (where there's a lot of lures) before their train arrives. That's a bit too much for me because, well, I'm doing Japan Studies but the last thing I want to be called is a weeb /shots.
    Yes yes he is my sweet dab baby owo. Yeah, seeing all the P-GO memes after the leaders' reveal really showed most of the players are adults imo, and all the ridiculousness and humour really calmed down and connected people! Not gonna lie, I enjoyed the rivalry between Valor and Mystic, I kinda wanted people to get really serious and emotional over this game so that is really has an impact on people, but of course I didn't like how it was taken too far to actually hurting communities, so maybe this is for the better after all. Also Candela and Blanche are such a popular ship now and homo ships are always great \o/ And it excludes my dork baby allowing him to be cutely oblivous to romance and that is how I see him owo

    I thought about the exact same thing! Displaying Erina, Atobe, Fushimi and Yata all together. But then I dropped PoT after not liking it after 15 episodes... where Atobe didn't even appear yet lol. While I like the Soma series, Erina is one of my least liked characters plus I realized I prefer the Atobe visually lol so that made it very hard to justify why I buy her and not him, and getting neither instead of both is definitely the better choice for my wallet and space problem ;;
    I actually think it's quite the common pose for throne-sitting visuals...? Not only figures, even in anime or other TV shows/movies they often present royals in a throne like that. I guess crossed legs and the hands like that show off just the perfect mix of gracefulness and boredom = arrogance.
    But what a coincidence, I own that Fushimi and Yata but think about selling them! LIST #34172
    Basically I have a lot of "themed" shelves, either figures from the same origin (Digimon is getting a lot, I've started my third Detolf shelf, I fear it has its own entire Detolf soon! There's no space for that ;;) or same theme like you plan with royalty, I have Ballet or all Nendoroids together or I had a "HQ bishounen minus the UtaPri boys because they have their own" shelf with Yata and Fushimi, Max Factory's Aoba and Ren and the Alter Free! boys, but it's completely full with all of those and now with ITEM #293234 and ITEM #464652 coming someone needs to go. Then I have 1,5 shelves for random figures... and I hate it, they don't fit together at all like eg ITEM #78655 and ITEM #1850, so I want to keep the randomness at a minimum and get rid of most figures of origins I have only 1 or 2 figures of unless the origin is an absolute fav (which is the case for Catherine and Wataru LOL). So with Yata and Fushimi needing to leave the bishounen shelf and me never liking the uniforms too much (they'll look amazing with Atobe and Erina but not like this), guess they'll go... even though they're so cute and I love K but oh well. So if you're interested, let me know \o/

    I agree with pretty much all the anime stuff you say \o/ I'm still watching Battery but man I'm not having a good time when I do. You're not missing anything.
    Btw, do you watch Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love?? MAN, I liked the first season but the second is currently driving me insane, I love the antagonists and jokes sooo much, I think it's becoming a rank in my top comedy anime! www

    That is good to hear! >w< I even sold my N prize figures even though he's one of my favorite fictional characters of all time, and they weren't even that bad but compared to real scales I couldn't get myself to like them, so I'm pretty sure it would be the same with Koto. But congrats on actually snatching her for that good of a price and liking her! >w<

    which is why I haven't downloaded it yet so LET ME LIVE
    Il y a 2 ans
    LunarSkye (Il y a 2 ans) #14537701I actually avoided idol games for the longest time, but over the summer I got bored and just decided to see what the fuss was all about. I was originally going to only play LL: SIF and not DereSute because I was more familiar with LL and I thought the cast of DereSute was just too large, but after seeing some game footage of DereSute, I ended up really liking the art style and the 3D MV thing, so I started it!
    I just did my final solo yolo I got a rare card... That I already got over 10 copies of...
    I mean, with the fact that ITEM #383168 is 3 figures in one, I guess it isn't too bad? Comes out to about 9k each girl, but I just can't pay that much all at once, and adding in that it's limited + exclusive makes me suffer
    You're getting both Rankos? Woah I'm praying the price for Alter's Ranko isn't so bad for your sake then! On one hand I want Alter to do something cool with the base like Phat does with their iM@S figures, but then I know that'll make it a lot more expensive;;
    My favorite song changes a lot because new songs just keep being added so quickly, but I've really loved Shiki's image song, Himitsu no Toilette recently! (Although trying to play that song on Master is awful and I died trying to get the MV)
    I sent you a request! My name's ヒカ and I have SSR Shiki as my center (。・ω・。)

    Yeah i was a bit like that to start with but i really enjoyed LLSIF! Plus i'm really enjoying DereSute at them moment (Got Emi namba today in a gatcha ^.^ ) I think i'm just gonna grind and keep saving up jewels~!

    Yeah i'm not getting ITEM #383168 mostly because i'm not invested in the characters enough to justify to price tag. Usually i would be al for picking it up but i don't really have much affection for Haruka, Mirai or Uzuki.

    Yes i will be getting both Ranko figures (*/ω\*) Hopefully this one ITEM #464649 isn't too steep.. Usually Alter doesn't do too much with their bases but yeah it would be cool!

    That's true i find that alot with IM@S and even LL songs you just keep getting into different one! I'll look out for that one when i get to it!

    Request accepted~! (^.^)
    Il y a 2 ans
    LunarSkye (Il y a 2 ans) #14522808Oh man I hope you have better luck than me in this gacha! I'm probably going to do one last 60-jewel daily spin tomorrow and be done with it tbh
    I did see a video where someone got two SSRs in one spin, but neither of them were Shiki or Fumika;;
    Yeah I find that I only get SSRs when I expect nothing... I got SSR Sachiko a while back in the Minami/Kirari limited gacha, SSR Mirei in her gacha when I just spun on a whim and didn't expect anything, and now SSR Ranko lol
    After the price of ITEM #383168 I am bracing myself for impact of the price of the AnKira figure
    My eyes have been on that Ranko for a while! I'm going to wait to see what Alter does with their Ranko first though ITEM #464649
    I guess I'm also looking forward to Shiki ITEM #464566 and Sachiko ITEM #464655 since I have their cards too and I'm looking forward to see how they turn out!
    I know right?? The animation in the TV series is good (especially in the matches), but the movie budget makes me really excited to see how it'll look!
    Kinda(?) off topic, but I just wanted to ask, what's your favorite iM@S song ^^ I don't know what level you're at in DereSute, so I don't know what songs you've unlocked, but I just wanted to know
    Oh man and I forgot to ask: what's your game ID? I'd like to add you if I can!
    And also this event is making me suffer ;-; I'm barely keeping my rank at 80,000-90,000 and I need that Rika card

    To be honest i've only just started starlight stage like 1 month ago and haven't really played it much, but i have been playing it a fair bit recently. I was pretty into LL School idol Festival and it feels like a much higher quality version with a more diverse cast! so i really enjoy it!!

    At the moment i haven't done any premium gatchas so i've just been rolling on the simulator so i don't solo yolo (i have no self control)

    Yeah i agree i was initially really excited about ITEM #383168 before the price tag.. Hopefully the AniKira figure isn't as steep as that one!

    I was actually really struggling with which one out of ITEM #265488 & ITEM #464649 i was going to get, but i decided to just get both (^.^)

    hmmm that's a tough question but i'd have to say my favourite song is Nanairo Botan (ryuugu komachi) i remember singing it all around the house when i first listened to it. (though it's not in starlight stage) If choosing a song from DereSute i'm not too sure i'd honestly need to play a bit more! What's your favourite??

    My ID is 478671265!
    Il y a 2 ans
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