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    Marco-Kun (Il y a 1 an) #19979199Zag net dat dit plaatje van jou (PICTURE #1096183) in deze doujin staat, maar dan de naakte versie: ITEM #567712
    Die doujin heb ik, vandaar op MFC toegevoegd haha

    Oh, lol, dan heb ik die doujinshi ook in mn kast liggen waarschijnlijk xD
    Thanks for adding ;)
    Il y a 1 an
    Kaneel on Ice
    magazine goods are not doujin items, doujin items are usually sold by circles via events or directly through shops as i mentioned before.

    But you should check those magazine additions if the manufacturer is at least set correctly(not set to publisher) and add original character as origin.
    That one clear poster needs to go though, bonus poster from magazines are explicitely not allowed.
    Il y a 1 an
    Kaneel on Ice
    The rules for goods and doujin goods are much restricter in general, like we also doN#t allow goods from non japanese origins etc.

    So yeah, unless you find a working online sale info link, can be sold out, you just need proof it was sold online after the event all of these entries have to be removed, which seem quite a lot.

    Booth is an online sale page managed via pixiv, where artist can directly sell their merchandise.
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    Kaneel on Ice

    i've seen your message but hadn't any time to reply yet due to easter.

    I have to look into the magazine artbooks, it could be possible to add these because magazines aren't allowed and with the bundled media rule your only option would be to add the artbooks instead then.
    The free books, bonus books is for magazine extras like bonus guidebooks and similar. Best recent example was some YOI book with character sketches, costume descriptions etc.
    i'm asking for second opinions on these though and will come back.

    As for the game bundled artbooks, that's a definite no, due to the bundled media rule.
    in case of the game i would update the description to include the limited edition content along with the artbook.

    While i'm writing you, i can kill two birds with a stone before i go and alert.
    It's in regard to several of your recent goods aditions.
    From the looks of it all these are doujin goods sold at Comiket, you should re-read the part in the database guidelines.
    For doujin goods an online sale is required to be allowed to be added.
    This could be stores like Alicebooks, Toranoana, booth of the circle or even sales through the circles site would be okay.
    No second hand sales via shops like Surugaya or Mandarake.
    Additionally, non of these have an origin or character linked, so it's next to impossible for other user to find these when searching.

    Please check if you're able to find any eligible links or all these entries have to be removed.

    Il y a 1 an
    good job :)
    Marco-Kun (Il y a 1 an) #19906283I found out and added it :)
    ITEM #568219
    It was from Comiket 84.
    Il y a 1 an
    Marco-Kun (Il y a 1 an) #19897849Hello!
    I have a question about this dakimakura cover that you added, together with the variants.
    ITEM #530493
    Those 3 have release dates of 2015 and 2017 even. Didn't know it had a re-release.
    Either way, I also have this dakimakura, with the oppai pads, and I got mine around September 2012. Not sure how long it was out already at that point.
    I guess I can put this one on my "Owned" list, as it has the pads and it's also 2-Way tricot.
    Not sure if you can add another release date, if you can figure out what it was. I can't find it as of yet.
    ITEM #530452
    Where did you get the prices from? The place where mine originally came from, linked from Tateha's official site, doesn't exist anymore. marvelousgrace....

    I got the prices from Getchu (www.getchu.com/... etc). I'll try and track down the previous release date as well.

    Edit: Ignore my earlier comment about the tricot variant/price, in case you saw it. Browsing on my phone, got mixed up with the variants.
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    Marco-Kun (Il y a 1 an) #19906821Hehehe of course you would 'Wishlist' this! :P
    ITEM #568069
    Been adding a bunch of stuff.. I guess I added like 75+ items the last few days. haha

    I think I have that poster, its a clear poster or something but I wasnt sure (I have it in a box somewhere) so I added it to my wishlist just in case so I dont forget about it hehehe
    Il y a 1 an
    Marco-Kun (Il y a 1 an) #19670771No problem! :D Glad that you got her.
    Damn, that's a far move! 600km, damn. I hope you can get your collection there too, it would be a shame to be without it!
    Ohhh she looks pretty good! :)
    This is my only order at the moment: ITEM #500291
    I can't waiiit! But still, have to wait a long time.
    I'm currently going through all my figures and selecting the ones I'm gonna sell, and which ones to keep. Because back then I was buying wayyyy too much, wayyy too easily. At the moment I selected 20 figures to sell, but far from done :P I have to be way more selective in buying new figures too. That Sonico wedding figure fits :D

    Oh, that Wedding Sonice from GSC is beautiful, i also have her on my radar, but currently i should firstly hold my self back from predordering too much, too early and too fast. But as you might have seen i partly also collect some Sonicos, they are just lovely. From the which i own, this Rock 'n' Roll Valentine Sonico ITEM #189154 is my favorite. I also will probably buy Alters Santa Swimsuit sonico(2014) ITEM #166982 from Mandarake, when i saved some money. She dropped a lot in prize (currently 5-6k yen), no clue why. I mean its an Alter figure, they are flawless xD (the Lala, Mea, the 2 Mikan´s and the Black Heart which i own, they are all perfect. The Love-Ru figures even have a special pvc/paint finish which makes the pvc feel really smooth. Kinda feels like skin, i shit you not. No idea how they donethat.

    I will probably also sell some older figures i own, As i began collecting 2013 i started with prize figures (a lot of prize figures) from all the different series that i watched in that time. The problem is they dont fit very well with the newer, bigger scale and more high quality figures that i collected afterwards and until today + they take a lot of space even when i display them cramped together.
    Because of that i will try to sell some of these, but what i don´t really know is, if the demand in SEGA, Taito and Furyu exists. Mhhhh time will tell.
    Oh and btw happy easter!
    Il y a 1 an
    Marco-Kun (Il y a 1 an) #19873594Flink geupdate ondertussen :P
    Ziet er nice uit, bedankt voor de links! Heb wel interesse in de eromanga's en artbooks, maar ik ben nu aan het sparen >_< Maar ook al neem ik niks over, andere users zullen er zeker blij mee zijn ^^
    Il y a 1 an
    Good luck ;)
    Marco-Kun (Il y a 1 an) #19873219Hello :)
    Thanks for the reply!
    Yeah, I know it was Ishikei! I have most of his books.
    I added a bunch of the doujinshi of his to the MFC database.
    His circle name is NiseMIDIdoronokai. I'm not sure what the entire name means, but Nise can translate to "fake" or "false". So that's just the circle name, not the book.
    But thank you, I'll continue looking. Trying to find the origin of it. Like a comiket or something.
    Il y a 1 an
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